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Self Moving Checklist

When people plan on Self Moving there would hundreds of things to do and it is very easy to forget many things including the important ones. Instead of thinking to yourself in your mind that you have to do so and so, it is always better to jot it down the moment you think of it. That is why always keep a note pad and a pen handy so that the moment you think of something you can write it down. Once you decide the date for moving you can sit down and start making an organized list and at that time this notepad with information would be much handy.

Here are some tips you could follow to make your moving easier.

Once you decide the date of Self Moving the first thing to do is inform your telephone company, electricity department, water board and gas company to disconnect on so and so date. This way you would avoid unnecessary billing and it is quite common in many cases. Next you have to inform your credit card company, insurance and banks about the change of address and the date it would be effective from. It is also important to keep a diary and not all the reference numbers for the respective company.

Always make a list of what you want to be carrying into your new home. There would be something?s including furniture that you may not need in your new home. Segregate the things that you do not need in your new place and collect them all together for a yard sale. It is good to have a yard sale before Self Moving because the money would sure be useful to cover miscellaneous expenses.

The next step in Self Moving would be to take an estimate of space you would need to transport your stuff. For this you can contact your movers so that they come and give you the accurate crater details.

You get all kinds of carton sizes for Self Moving, and now is the time to sit and plan on the number of cartons and how many of each size you would need. You can do this easily by referring to the list of things you want to move.

Next thing to do while Self Moving would be paper work with your landlord if available, schools, doctors and every one you think is important and keep them ready. Make sure you have files to file these papers. Also while packing important papers, manuals and other books group them all as per relevance and put them in a big plastic cover. Each group should go into their own plastic cover and it should be neatly labeled. At this point do not forget to inform the nearest post office about your move so that all your letters are forwarded to the new address.

A couple of days before the actual date of your Self Move start cleaning your house. Clean the refrigerator, cupboards and other appliances first. Clean the carpet last and also fix up for inspection the previous evening if possible.

In you will find more information about moving companies, car transport and self srotage.

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